• Boiled wool technique and uses

    The wet look technique for boiled wool

    As its name suggests, boiled wool is a material 100% made of wool. The wool is knitted and sent for a specific handling called the wet look technique. This is the most difficult action in making boiled wool. The wool is then washed with soap and heated to the ideal temperature. The wet look technique is ancient technique: textile fibers were worked on in water mills.

    The advantages of boiled wool

    Boiled wool is compacted and becomes very warm and waterproof. This compacting operation, very technical, gives the boiled wool its soft texture. Boiled wool is easy to use: easy to sew since it does not fray (no need to put any hem !).

    Boiled wool really requires a technique and a know-how that we appreciate and that we want to promote at Eclats de Nature. In our store, you will find colorful accessories made of boiled wool, purses and belts..

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