Organic products

Organic farming is a farming is an approach based on the respect of the living and natural cycles by promoting biodiversity, biological activities of soils and biological cycles. Organic farmers keep off chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides, as well as GMOs. Organic farming uses methods such as the rotation of cultures to avoid an intensive use of soils. It is also based on the use of green fertilizers and green compost.

To be qualified as “organic”, farmers have to be certified, which means that they follow norms and requirements legally defined. There are several labels and certifications, which are world-widely acknowledged such as ECOCERT Label, Demeter, AB…

Eclats de Nature offers a range of textile items, which are made of organic materials and natural materials. Our choice is to offer quality materials, always keeping in mind the respect of environment and nature.

Organic cotton

Choosing organic cotton contributes to the development of an alternative way of producingorganic cotton cotton, which has a lower impact on the environment. Traditional cotton growing is one of the growings, which requires the most pesticides. Traditional cotton cultivation uses 20% of agricultural pesticides for 2.5% of the worldwide agricultural surfaces. To produce 1 kilogram of cotton, 7.000 to 29.000 liter of water are required.

On the other hand, organic cotton is cultivated without chemical pesticides, without chemical fertilizers, without MGOs. It favors biodiversity and biological cycles.

Natural hemp

natural hemp clothesHemp was already used for clothes 4.000 years ago and its advantages are re-discovered today. Hemp is particularly adapted to sensitive skins. It gives a sensation of warmth when it is cold outside and inversely it maintains freshness when it too hot outside. Hemp is a fiber that “breathes” and which is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

Hemp also brings an unequalled protection against noxious solar rays and against humidity (hemp textile can absorb up to 30% of humidity without giving an uncomfortable sensation on the skin).

Eclats de Nature offers 100% hemp-made clothes but also mixes of hemp with organic cotton since these two materials perfectly match together.

Yak wool

Yak wool is known for its softness. It is also very warm, it is very nice to wear and touches like cashmere. yak woolYak lives in mountains, in very cold conditions, and has very long and protective hair. It belongs to a very specific and balanced ecosystem. Yak’s wool has isolating properties and therefore it keeps warm when it is cold and fresh when it is too warm.


bambou bio Le bioBamboo has remarkable ecological qualities. It is a very prolific plan which can grow up to 1 meter a day in some Asian areas.

The cultivation of bamboo requires up to 4 times less water compared to traditional cotton growing. Its deep roots contribute to stop erosion of soils, prevent landslides and soils-washing and protect the banks of rivers. After being cut, it grows back instantaneously, which means that it avoids using any pesticide or fertilizer. Its culture plays a very important part in the environment.

When used for clothing, bamboo is characterized by its soft aspect, almost like silk, and the way it holds. It has breathing, antibacterial, absorbing and anti-UV properties.

Vegetal ivory

Vegetal ivory (also named tagua or corozo) comes from the palm fruit, whichivoire vegetal taga bio1 Le bio grows in the heart of the Amazonian forest, in Ecuator, in Comlombia and in Peru between 300 and 1.200 meter high. When flowers blossom, they have a sweet perfume, which fills all the land around. Before dying, the fruit of these palm trees contains a milk, which is very appreciated by Indian people. Then this albumen becomes hard and becomes vegetal ivory. The fruit of the palm tree have a first shell, which is hard and which easily comes off, then there is a second shell, stuck to the seed inside the fruit. By peeling this second shell, we obtain the vegetal ivory ball.

At Eclats de Nature, you will find very nice items made of vegetal ivory: necklaces, earrings, bracelets,… They have very special colors which can be the natural color of vegetal ivory (a creamy white color) or bright natural colors obtained with natural pigments.

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