Our approach

Fair trade consists in buying products from developing countries (remarkably in Asia, Africa and Southern America) with the concern of granting a fair remuneration to suppliers and by making sure they offer their own employees fair and worthy working conditions. Fair trade aims at giving local producers a fair income, matching their work, and to promote socially fair working conditions.

Fair trade is not charity but the respect of the work and the know-how of little producers and craftsmen from Southern countries. Fair trade also has a humanitarian dimension. Some producers gather in cooperatives and they give back a part of their revenues to help building hospitals, schools and other urban constructions useful to the local community.

Besides fair-trade, Eclats de Nature promotes sustainable development and only proposes articles made with natural materials. For instance, organic cotton, used for our clothes, grows without any pesticides and without chemical fertilizers.

Eclats de Nature also proposes wooden toys and ecological toys, which work without batteries, thanks to solar energy. We also have office stationery made with recycled materials.

Eclats de Nature also chooses to select handcrafted articles produced in France, by small entities because it seems important to us to promote the knowledge and the know-how of our local producers.

Eclats de nature proposes:

  • Clothes: for Men, Women and Children (under 3)
  • Organic cosmetics: natural soaps, essential oils, organic body conditionners, etc.
  • Wooden toys
  • Decoration items: notebooks made of recycled paper, pens…
  • Accessories: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belts, bags, scarves…


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