• Panama Hat

    Contrary to what one might think, Panama hat actualy comes from Equator where it appeared at the begining of the 20th century. The name “Panama” does not come from the country of the same name, but is comes from the fiber of the palm trees, which are used to make them.

    There are thee traditional ways to weave fibers to make Panama hats and each way has a particular position. The thinness of the Panama hat determines its quality and the thinner the weaving, the higher the price. Panama hats are remarkable because they can be folded without loosing their shape.

    To make a Panama hat, the first step consists in the harvest of the “carludovica palmata”, which is the leaf of the palm tree, which is used to make Panama hats. Depending on the region, fibers are boiled or not, then dried under the sun and naturally whitened. Weaving is then hand-made and it can take up to several months.

    At Eclats de Nature we sell traditional Panama hats, hand made and which can be folded to travel without lossing their nice shape.

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