• The French linen

    Linen is one of the rare textile fibers which is produced in Europe and more specifically in France. Indeed, France is the main European country which cultivates linen in order to use it in the textile industry. Historically, linen was brought in Europe about 2,000 years ago. It was used by Babylonians and Egyptians to  protect their mummies. Nowadays we can find European farms which produce linen in France and in Russia mainly. The French linen is mainly produced in northern regions such as Flanders, Picardie, Normandy, Bretagne and Nord-Pas-De-Calais. linen

    The cultivation of linen requires a real know-how and a deep knowledge of agricultural processes because linen needs a “temperate” soil and optimal climate conditions to grow. If these conditions are brought together, linen as the reputation to grow in 100 days. The cultivation of linen for textile purposes has the specific aspect of requiring few fertilizers or pesticides.

    The linen fiber is obtained after soaking the linen’s stalk on the ground. This step is needed to extract the linen fibers, which are then grinded and scraped off. Fibers are then combed, spined and woven to obtain the linen cloth. Linen fiber is a long fiber (cotton and hemp are for instance short fibers), which makes it a strong and light material. Linen is a natural material, it is hypoallergenic and isolating. It is a temperature regulator for the body, which means it protects from the cold in winter, and from the heat in summer.

    Nautral linen produced in France is one of our favorite material. At Eclats de Nature, you will find many items made of linen, sometimes mixed with other natural materials.

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